We mainly transport goods around Western Europe and between Bulgaria and Western Europe, in particular Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Austria, Sweden and the UK.

We have over 100 Euro 5 and Euro 6 tractor-trailer combinations freight compositions or trucks and trailers whose average age is 3 years.

We professionally repair our vehicles at our own service shop. Since June 2017, we have also been an authorised DAF service point, which means we are allowed to carry out repairs, maintenance and warranty servicing on freight vehicles to the DAF standard.
We have a service shop with an indoor service hall and highly-qualified mechanics, including 2 mobile teams specialising in the provision of roadside assistance with the help of fully equipped vans.

Company history

1991 – Dipl. Eng. Emil Penev founds the sole trader business ET Penemat in Varna. At this time, the company has 1 cargo vehicle.

1994 – We expand our fleet to 5 cargo vehicles. Penemat starts carriage from Bulgaria to Western Europe, the Middle East and the CIS, and back

1997 – We increase our fleet to 15 20-tonne tractor-semitrailer combinations

1998 – We acquire an 11,000 m2 garage , 1,400 m2 service hall and 840 m2 office building

2003 – We now have 35 freight tractor-semitrailer combinations transporting goods mainly between Bulgaria and Western Europe

2007 – Penemat changes its legal form to OOD (LTd.). We now have 50 tractor-semitrailer combinations, 10 of which perform carriage services only between Western European countries

2012 – Penemat OOD acquires Varna Avtotransport OOD. We now have 80 tractor-semitrailer combinations: 50 are new and operate between Western European countries and 30 only carry shipments between Western European countries and Bulgaria

2017 – We currently have more than 100 Euro 5 and Euro 6 tractor-semitrailer combinations