We ensure the sustainability and future of Penemat by constantly investing in our tractor-semitrailer combinations, in the technologies we use in our work, in our employees and in our service shop.

We use software developed specifically for our needs enabling us to communicate quickly between different departments of our company and with our main clients. The latest generation system allowing communication, control and navigation between the office and all company cars is currently being deployed.

Social responsibility

All Penemat employees are regularly trained and tested in their professional duties and activities and the company’s business as a whole.

Trainings and drills are regularly conducted to address the carriage of special freight, such as ADR, oversize, bulk and groupage cargo, and work with specialised fastening gear.

Health and social insurance

We have developed a staff health and social insurance plan – our employees receive two free medical examinations a year, with some having additional health and social insurance benefits.

All employees at the service shop, where more manual labour is required, are provided with a free hot lunch and drinks.

Care for the environment

Protecting the environment is our priority. Our contribution to tackling the global problem of environmental pollution is to use new low-emission lorries.

We always carry your goods by the most optimal route to minimise transport costs, cut time and reduce road traffic. In doing so, we play a direct part in reducing CO2 emissions.